6th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

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Regimental Staff Officers

Colonel: John Jones Thornton; Robert Lowry
Lieutenant-Colonel: Enoch R. Bennett; A. Y. Harper; Thomas J. Borden
Major: Robert Lowry: J. R. Stevens; Thomas J. Borden; W. T. Hendon
Surgeon: William Aills
Assistant-Surgeon: Jackson L. Riley; M. L. Lowry; L. W. Smith; F. J. Bonner
Druggist: George S. Harper
Quartermaster: John P. Stevens; Peter R. Webster; Charles L. Robinson; George S. Harper
Forage Master: Charles L. Robinson
Commissary: Edward G. Williams; O. C. Crum; T. D. Harris; George Crosby
Adjutant: Abram B. Willis; William Thornton; W. H. Taylor; John P. Giles
Chaplain: Joseph W. Ard; W. B. Gallman
Sergeant-Major: William Sharkey; William Thornton; Thomas Cox; J. A. W. Sutton
Chief Musician: L. S. Meyer
Ensign: Henry C. McVey; Craylin P. Norman; William C. Thompson

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