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What is Living History?
Who is the 6th MS/7th KY Living History Group?
How do I join?

What is Living History? Living history is just what it says . . . living history. Have you ever read a book that created such a vivid image that you felt as if you were really there? Living history makes the images come to life. You put on your uniform, go into battle and march toward the enemy, hear the roar of the cannons, sit around the campfire with your comrades, and dance the Virginia Reel. These experiences give us a glimpse into a bygone era. By doing so, we are able to educate others about these experieces. (Top)

Who we are . . . The 6th Mississippi (Confederate) and 7th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (Federal) is a family-oriented group who is committed to the accurate portrayl of the common soldier and civilian of the War Between the States. We portray both soldiers and civilians.

We personify the people of this bygone, but not forgotten, era with dignity and respect, always keeping in mind that the soldiers and civilians were fathers, husbands, sons, mothers, wives and daughters, not just fuzzy images on old photographs. We respect who they were and the sacrifices they made in defense of their beliefs.

In our ongoing effort to educate others about the War Between the States, we participated in battle re-enactments, living histories, encampments, perfor color duties for ceremonies, and speak at schools, civil organizations or where ever there is an audience willing and open-minded enough to listen. (Top)

How can I join or get involved? Anyone who is interested in the American War Between the States is welcome. Those interested in joining are invited to visit with us at the events/functions we attend. If, after speding time with us, you are indeed interested in joining, all that is required is that you agree to portray the men, women and/or childrne of the era with dignity and respect; be willing to do both Confederate and Federal impressions; portray as authentic an impression as possible; and be prepared to have fun!

We are a family-oriented group. Therefore, we portray not only soldiers but civilians and other non-combatants as well. There is a wide variety of impressions for the ladies and children. The War Between the States was so multi-faceted, that there is an impression for everyone.

Each member is responsible for procuring their own equipment, uniform/clothing, tentage, and such. It is not necessary to have everything before joining. Members will gladly assist newcomers in the acquisition of their gear for there are many resources available. (Top)

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