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Company I - Rankin Greys
Organized in Rankin County; mustered into State service at Brandon on May 4, 1861.
Mustered into Confederate Service at Grenada on August 24, 1861.

Alexander, R. S., Private; 5th and 1st Ordanance
Altman, Green B., Private
Altman, William D., Private
Amaker, J. J., Private; 4th and 3rd Sergeant
Barnes, Joseph B., Private
Barnes, Wiley G., Private
Barnett, D. H., Private
Barnett, J. F., 3rd Sergeant
Bass, Esau, Private
Bellamy, Volney, Private
Bennett, Joseph, Private
Berry, A. J., Private
Berry, B., Private; 2nd Corporal
Berry, David, Private
Bice, William, Private
Bland, R. B., 4th & 2nd Corporal; 2nd Sergeant
Borden, Thomas J., 1st Corporal; 5th and 1st
Sergeant; Captain; Major; Lieutenant Colonel; wounded severely in foot at Shiloh, 4/6/1862; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Bourne, H. C., Private; 4th Corporal
Broomfield, George H., Private
Brown, G. G., Private; Musician
Brown, H. G., Private; Musician; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Brown, John N., Private; 1st Corporal; Captain
Brown, John W., Private; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Brown, S. C., Private; 3rd and 2nd Corporal; Sergeant; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Brown, S. J., Private
Brown, S. O., Private
Bruce, Joseph C., Private
Buchanan, James L., Private
Buchanan, Samuel A., Private
Buckalew, John C., Private
Burke, W. C., Private
Burns, H. C., Private; wounded severely in foot at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Butler, Sam G., Private; wounded severely in leg at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Butler, Samuel W., 1st Corporal
Calloway, Albert C., Private
Cole, H. S., Private
Collier, D., Private
Collier, George W., Private
Collier, John, Private
Collier, Thomas, Private
Collier, William, Private
Cousins, John C., Private
Cox, Joshua, Private
Cox., Thomas P, Private; Sergeant Major; wounded severely in arm at Shiloh, 4/6/1862; captured at Port Gibson, 5/1/1863 sent to prison in IL and later released in Virginia; surrendered at Durham Station, NC
Crawford, Peter, Private
Crawley, Josiah, Private
Crook, David S., Private; wounded slightly in thigh at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Crosby, George S., Private; Sergeant; Commissary Sergeant; wounded slightly in hand at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Crowell, John, Private
Denman, Freeman, Private
Dixon, E. L., Private
Dixon, M. J., Private
Donald, John T., Private
Donald, Samuel, Private; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Douglass, A. M., Private; 2nd Lieutenant; surrendered
at Citronelle, AL
Earhart, Conrad, Private
Egan, Thomas, Private
Elk, George, Private; Musician
Elwell, Fred, Private
Elwell, Geroge, Private; Musician
Ferguson, George, Private
Ferguson, J. D. , Private; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Ficklin, M., Private; wounded slightly in arm at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Fournier, William, Private
Francis, George, Private
Giles, John P., Private; 2nd and 1st Lieutenant;
Griffin, Eli, Private
Griffin, John A., Private
Gunn, D., Private; Musician
Hamilton, G. W., Private
Hamter, G. W., Private
Harris, George S., Private
Hemiter, William, Private
Hemphill, A. C., Private
Hemphill, B., Private
Hemphill, R., Private
Hendricks, David, Private
Henry, Jr., Patrick; Private; 1st Lieutenant
Hill, B. H., Private
Hill, J. N., Private; wounded severely in arm at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Howard, Luther M., Private
Hurley, Dennis, Private
Hurley, J., Private
Jack, A. C., Private
Jackson, Irenus C., Private
Jones, W. W., Private
Keadle, A., Private
Kernaghan, Henry, Private
Kersh, E. R., Private; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Kersh, John W., Private
Kersh, Wyatt, Private
Lewis, George, Private
Lewis, J. M., Private
Lewis, William, Private
Locke, James L., Private; wounded dangerously, broken leg at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Lowry, Thomas, Private
McBride, Abram, Private
McCann, C. F., Private; wounded severely in arm at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
McKee, J. L., Private
McKee, Joseph A., Private
McKee, Thomas, Private
McLellan, G., Private; wounded severely in arm at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
McNemar, M. R., Private; 4th and 1st Corporal, 4th and 3rd Sergeant; wounded severely in back at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
McNemar, Philip, Private; wounded severely in leg at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
McNemar, W. H., Private
Meadows. C. H., Private; 4th and 5th Sergenat
Melton, Benjamin M., Private
Moore, R., Private
Mulholland, Benjamin F., Private
Myers, W. H. H., PrivateNeidermeir, C., Private
Neidermeir, C., Private; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Pearson, E. N., Private
Pearson, G., Private; Musician; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Prestidge, George, Private
Pritchard, John, Private
Rachels, F. M., Private
Ragsdale, H., Private
Ragsdale, Samuel, Private
Ragus, James, Private
Ray, John A., Private
Reber, E. H., 3rd and 2nd Corporal; 3rd Sergeant; wounded at Shiloh, 4/6/1862; unable to continue service, sent to Mobile, AL and became Department Quartermaster for remainder of war
Reick, H., Private
Rhodes, E., Private
Rhodes, L. D., 4th and 3rd Sergeant; 2nd
Rhodes, Oliver A., Private
Rice, William B., Private; wounded severely in ankle at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Riley, James H., Private
Robbins, B. W., Private; 4th Corporal
Robbins, D., Private
Robbins, Wiley D., Private
Robertson, Joseph R., Private
Robinson, Charles L., Private
Robinson, W. W., Private; 4th and 3rd Corporal; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Rolf, W. S., Private
Roper, D., Private
Rowe, A. L., Private
Rule, James, Private
Rule, Madison, Private
Rule, Peter A., Private
Rule, T. B., Private
Russell, B. A., Private
Russell, J. P., Private
Samuels, L., Private
Saunders, H. T., Private
Scott, A. G., 1st Sergeant
Shelby, W. B., 1st Lieutenant; Captain; resigned 12/27/1861 for health reasons
Sheppard, J. N., Private
Sheridan, William, Private
Shields, John, Private
Shotwell, Reuben, Private
Simms, C. C., Private
Smith, E. W., 2nd and 1st Lieutenant; Captain; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Smith, G. W., 2nd and 1st Lieutenant
Smith, George, Private; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Smith, J., Private; Musician
Smith, J. U., Private; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Smith, James H., Private
Smith, Robert, Private
Smith, S., Private
Snow, Marion, Private
Spann, Augustus, Private
Spann, William, Private
Spellman, J. P., Private; Musician
Statham, William, Private
Stevens, John P., Private; Quarter Master;
Stevens, J. R., 3rd and 2nd Lieutenant; Major
Stevenson, N., Private
Sutton, J. A., Private; 2nd Sergeant; Sergeant
Taylor, A. J., Private
Taylor, Amsterdam L., Private
Taylor, F., Private; Musician
Taylor, Laban, Private; Musician; wounded slightly in head at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Taylor, W. L., Private; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Taylor, William; Private
Thornton, John J., Captain; Colonel; severely wounded
at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Thornton, V. C. B., Private
Todd, Charles; Private; 5th Sergeant; wounded, date unknown
Turner, J. F., Private
Watkins, Earskin, Private
Watkins, Porter, Private
Watkins, T., Private; wouded slightly in hip and leg at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Watters, Abram C., Private
Webb, David, Private
Webb, J. M., Private; wounded mortally both legs and arms at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Webb, S., Private
Webb, Thomas B., Private
White, James C., Private; wounded severely in thigh at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Wilkinson, William, Private
Williams, Edward G., 2nd Sergeant; Assistant
Commissary Sergeant
Williams, O. F., Private; wounded severely in shoulder at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Williams., S. F., 2nd and 1st Corporal; 4th Sergeant; 2nd Lieutenant; wounded slightly in toe at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Wimberly, O. J., Private
Wright, C. O., Private

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