6th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

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Company C - Quitman Southrons
Organized in Leake County; mustered into State service at Carthage on July 21, 1861.
Mustered into Confederate Service at Grenada on August 24, 1861.

Allen, A. V., Private
Allen, Nathan H., Private; 3rd Lieutenant; Captain
Allen, R. V., Private; Corporal
Allen, W. B., Private; 2nd Corporal; 5th, 4th, 2nd and 1st Sergeant
Amacker, J. J., Sergeant; ; surrendered at Durham Station, NC
Arnold, J. H., Private
Ashcraft, E. T., Private
Baines, John, Private
Baker, Seth A., Private
Baker, W. E., Private
Baker, William, Private
Balenone, H., Private
Barnes, John, Private
Barnett, J. W., Private
Barrett, M. J., Private
Barrett, P. L., Private
Barrett, T. H., Private
Barrett, W. Lisander, Private
Batha, J., Private
Beaman, Brit, Private
Bell, J. T., Private
Berry, P. B., Private; surrendered at Durham Station, NC
Bethay, Jim, Private
Blackman, J. R., Private
Blackman, Sam B., Private
Blair, S. J., Private; died in Louisiana about 4/1862
Blocker, Ely W., Private
Blocker, Willis E., Private
Boon, Elkanor, Private
Boon, William H., Private
Boozer, William, Private
Bowman, Joseph, Private
Boyd, A., Private; 2nd Sergeant
Bradly, J. W., Private
Brannon, P. C., Private
Brogen, William, Private
Browning, J. R., Private
Bullard, C., Private
Burns, J. M., Private; surrendered at Durham Station, NC
Burt, R. M., Private
Carnie, J. B., Private
Coglin, W. H., Private
Coleman, W. T., Private
Currie, H. B., Private
Dabbs, H. P., Private
Dale, D. T., Private
Deal, Augustus, Private
Dean, W. H., Private
Dicken, Jim, Private
Dickens, William L., Private; 3rd Corporal; 5th Sergeant
Donnell, J. T., Private; surrendered at Durham Station, NC
Eastwood, C. L., Private
Eastwood, J. E., Private; surrendered at Durham Station, NC
Edwards, John, Private; surrendered at Durham Station, NC
Fields, Samuel, Private; died 12/15/1861 of typhoid pneumonia, Nashville, TN
Flowers, Benjamin, Private
Frazier, Edward, Private
Freeney, R. J., Private
Fry, John, Private
Gill, J. M., Private
Grice, Robert, Private
Grigsby, John, Private
Gross, W. D., Private
Gunn, A. D., Private
Gunn, J., Private
Gunn, J. W., Private; 2nd and 1st Corporal; 5th and 4th Sergeant
Hall, William M., Private, Captain
Harper, B. F., Private
Harper, F. M., Private
Harper, J. M., Private; 3rd and 1st Lieutenant
Harrington, George, Private
Henderson, Samuel G., Private; 1st Lieutenant
Hendrix, C. E., Private
Herrington, G., Private
Hines, N. B., Private
Hinkle, A. F., Private
Hollingsworth, Jake, Private
Hollingsworth, W. F., Private
Hollis, W. B., Private
Hollis, W. F., Private; wounded, date unknown
Hollis, W. R., Private
Holmes, David H., Private
Hooks, A. G., Private
Hooper, B. F., Private
Hooper, Charles, Private; 2nd & 1st Lieutenant; wounded at Shiloh, 4/6/1862; resigned because of wounds
Hooper, W. E., Private
Horn, John T., Private
Howard, H. H., Private
Hughes, D. C., Private
Hughes, T. C., Private
Johnson, Bob, Private
Johnson, H. H., Private; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Johnston, A., Private
Johnston, N., Private
Joiner, P. S., Private
Joiner, T. F., Private
Jolly, D. A., Private
Jones, Simpson L., Private
Jowers, George, Private; surrendered at Durham Station, NC
Killingsworth, J., Private
Lacey, E. F., Private; 2nd Corporal; 2nd Lieutenant
Lacey, William C., 4th and 1st Sergeant; 2nd Lieutenant; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Langston, J. B., Private
Leslie, J., Private
Long, W. J., Private

Lovern, F. M., Private
Lovern, W. E., Private; surrendered at Durham Station, NC
Lowry, B., Private
Lowry, E. C., Private
Lowry, J., Private
Mann, T. H., Private
Mann, William B., Private; 3rd Sergeant; 2nd and 1st Lieutenant
Martin, J. W., Private; 3rd and 2nd Sergeant; surrendered at Durham Station, NC
Martin, William, Private; 3rd Corporal
McBeth, W. A., Private
McCrory, R. P., Private
McKenzie, W. J., Private; 5th Sergeant
McMillan, Charles, Private
McMillan, J. A., Private
Merchant, James B., Private
Miles, J.,
Private; 2nd Corporal
Miller, I., Private
Miller, J., Private
Mills, W. J., Private
Milner, Calvin, Private
Milner, Cornelius, Private
Milner, Shug, Private
Moore, J. D., Private
Morehead, A. W., Private; 3rd Corporal
Morehead, G. W., Private
Morehead, J. W., Private
Mulligan, W. G., Private
Naff, A. F., Captain
Owen, Gus Roland, Private; killed
at Shiloh, 4/6/1862
Owen, Jim, Private
Owens, M. J., Private
Owens, Richard A., Private
Parker, H., Private
Parker, Jake, Private
Parker, Robert, Private
Phillips, Elias, Private; 3rd and 1st Corporal; Sergeant-Major; wounded slightly in arm at New Hope Church, 5/16/1864
Phillips, Isaiah, Private; 1st Sergeant
Pinson, D., Private; 1st Corporal; Sergeant
Presley, J. M, Private
Presley, T. P., Private
Prestage, Hiram, Private
Prestley, Tom, Private
Ray, William, Private
Redding, J. F., Private
Reese, Charles, Private
Renfroe, B. F., Private
Richardson, J. W., Private
Richardson, M. V., Private
Richmon, J. F., Private
Richmon, J. W., Private
Riley, H., Private; 1st and Ordanance Sergeant
Rushing, James, Private
Ryles, James, Private
Sanders, A., Private
Sanders, Bill, Private
Sanders, E. D., 1st Sergeant
Sanders, J. W., Private
Sanders, Jeff, Private
Sanders, Jim, Private
Savells, Alex G., Private
Savells, B., Private
Sawyer, A. L., Private
Sawyer, J. L., Private
Schrock, M., Private
Scott, J. R., Private, 4th, 2nd and 1st Corporal
Scott, N. M., Private
Sharkey, William, Private; Sergeant-Major;
resigned 12/1861 for health reasons
Shearer, G. S., Private
Shearer, J. L., Private
Shearer, J. S., Private
Shoemaker, L. D., Private
Smith, J. J., Private; sick in hospital at Nashville and was captured
Smith, T. H., Private; surrendered at Durham Station, NC
Smyth, J. S., Private
Spreights, William M., Private
Stevens, J. W., Private
Tullos, Joseph, Private
Turner, W. A., Private; wounded severely in leg at New Hope Church, 5/16/1864
Varnarsdale, R. C., 2nd Sergeant; 1st Lieutenant
Ward, Reuben, Private
Weir, D. M., Private
White, J. D., Private
Wilkinson, W. G., Private
Williams, A., Private
Williams, C. E., Private; surrendered at Citronelle, AL
Williams, F. M., Private
Williams, H. C., Private
Williams, J. H., Private
Williams, John, Private
Williams, L. D., Private; 3rd Corporal
Williams O. T., Private; 5th and 4th Sergeant
Williams, S. M., Private
Williamson, D. C., Private
Wooton, F., Private; 5th, 4th and 3rd Sergeant
Yearger, A. J., Private

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