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6th Mississippi Infantry Regiment

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Shiloh Casualties
Total Casualties of the 6th Mississippi Infantry Regiment at Shiloh




A - Rankin Rough & Readies



B - New Guard



C - Quitman Southrons



D - Lowry Rifles



E - Lake Rebels



F - Crystal Springs Guards



G - Rockport Steel Blades



H - Simpson Fencibles



I - Rankin Greys



K - East Mississippi Greys






Rankin CountyCasualties
(The information on this page is from a newspaper article published in the Brandon Republican soon after the Battle of Shiloh)

Company A, Rankin Rough & Readies
Company B, New Guard
Company D, Lowry Rifles
Company I, Rankin Greys

Field and Staff Officers
Major Robert Lowry, slighly
Colonel J. J. Thornton, slightly
Sergeant Major William Thornton, dangerously

Company A, Rankin Rough & Readies
Private Abraham Burkholder
Private Wade Chandler
Private R. Ennis (
Not on Muster Rolls; maybe Private J. Ennis)
Corporal ? Hale
(No Hale on Muster Rolls though several Corporal Halls)
Private B. F. Henry
Private D. Miller (
Not on Muster Rolls; maybe Private W. D. Miller)
Private Isaac Myers
Private Claiborne F. Strong
3rd Corporal H. West
Corporal D. S. Bronson, severly in thigh and hip
Private Isaac Bronson, seriously in hand and foot
Private H. Burhnam, severly in leg
Private S. Byrd, severly in thigh
Private D. Clark, slightly in foot
Sergeant Henry Sims Cole, leg amputated
Private Jesse C. Crain, slightly in foot and thumb
Private Henry S. Davidson, slightly in thigh
Private J. B. Dear, severly in thigh (
No Private J. B. Dear on Muster Rolls, probably Private James E. Dear or maybe Private J. M. Deer, Co. H, Simpson Fencibles)
Private E. N. Dillmore, slightly in head
Lieutenant J. B. Enochs, severly in shoulder
Private W. Cross Evans, seriously, leg amputated
Private John Fletcher, slightly in thigh
Private Richardson Fletcher, slightly in foot
Private W. Garvin, seriously in leg
Corporal P. Isabell, seriously in groin
Private W. Laughlin, seriously in leg.
Lieutenant Soloman Mangum, severly in shoulder
Private George W. McWilliams, severely in mouth
Private A. J. McLeod, slightly in mouth
Private T. J. Pierce, slightly in thigh
Private A. J. Pruitt, severly in thigh and arm
Private David Puckett, seriously in knee
Private J. E. Ramsey, slightly in leg
Private J. L. Russell, seriously in shoulder
Private A. G. Singleterry, seriously in hip
Private H. Williams, seriously in thigh (
No Private H. Williams on Muster Rolls, probably Private William H. H. Williams or maybe Private J. H. Williams, Company B, New Guard)
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Company B, New Guards
Private J. W. Childers
Private J. W. Cook
Private Josiah Hix
Corporal A. A. Ragland
Private W. W. Reeves
Private J. Whitehead
Captain E. L. Alford, dangerously in the breast
Private J. R. Baldridge, slighly in the leg
Private P. Henry Bilbro, slightly in the arm
Private S. F. Collins, severly in the knee
Private Silas Derrick, mortally in the lungs
Private George Hammonds, severly in the thigh
Lieutenant Patrick Henry, Jr., slightly in the thumb and finger
Private W. A. James, slighly in the hip
Private J. J. King, dangerously in the head
Private J. S. Mitchell, slighly in the shoulder
Corporal S. A. Myers, severely in the shoulder and leg
Private Stephen Myers, severly in the leg
Sergeant A. G. Proctor, slightly in the arm
Private W. H. Stegar, slightly in the finger
Private E. George Ward, slightly in the finger
Private J. A. Williamson, slightly in the leg
Private Wyatt H. Williamson, slightly in the arm
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Company D, Lowry Rifles
Private James . M. James
Private George W. Barbour, slightly
Private Marcus L. Bowman, seriously
Private Robert M. Chambers, slightly
Private Frank M. Crosby, slightly
Private Harrison Davis, seriously
Private George W. Dillard, slightly
Private Daniel Dukes, slightly
Private Wiley Dunford, seriously
Private Aaron Dunn, badly wounded
Private ? Edwards, seriously (
There are four possibilities: Private Elisha Edwards, Corporal J. M. Edwards, Private J. R. Edwards or Private R. Edwards)
Captain William Finch, severly in the stomach
Private E. D. Hitt, in the ankle
1st Sergeant D. Marion Holbrooks, slightly
Private R. F. M. Mayo, slightly
Private John C. Mize, slightly
Private William H. Puckett, slightly
Private B. F. Rasberry, slightly
Private James M. Robinson, slightly
Private William A. Searcy, seriously
Private Thomas Sheppard, slightly
Private Samuel B.Williams, severly
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Company I, Rankin Greys
Private David Berry
Private John Crowell
Private William Bice, severely ankle
Captain Thomas J. Borden, slightly in toe
Private H. C. Bourne, severely in foot
Private/Corporal? S. Butler, severely in leg (
There are two possibilities: Private Sam G. Butler or Corporal Samuel W. Butler)
Private Thomas Cox, slightly in arm pit
Private David S. Crook, slightly in thigh
Private George S. Crosby, slightly in hand
Private M. Ficklin, slighly in arm
Private J. N. Hill, severly in arm
Private James L. Locke, dangerously, leg broken
Private C. F. McCann, severely in arm
Private G. McLellan, severly in arm
Sergeant M. R. McNemar, severely in back
Private Philip McNemar, severly in leg
Private (Musician) Laban Taylor, slightly in head
Private T. Watkins, slightly in hip and leg
Private J. M. Webb, mortally, both arms and neck
Private James C. White, severely in thigh
Private O. F. Williams, severely in shoulder
Lieutenant S. F. Williams, slightly in toe
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